Keep Track of All the World’s Territorial Disputes With This Amazing Interactive Map

“All over the world, there are people who could live in one country or another. Some of these territorial disputes are relatively minor, while others could be the flashpoints that lead to all-out war. There are a lot of these, and they’re hard to keep track of.”

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David Bowie: Blackstar

“Blackstar” off David Bowie’s upcoming album Blackstar out 8 January 2016.


Meet Valkyrie, A Super Sleek Aircraft Taking On The Private Plane Industry

“Cobalt is a private aircraft manufacturer launching its first two models today. The fully-certified Co50 Valkyrie and its experimental version, the Valkyrie-X, are available for pre-order starting today. Valkyrie is super sleek and built for speed.”
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“The Musical time machine”

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Gridifier rethinks HTML layout & improves browser’s grid layouting engine


“Despite the fact that web-development technologies were seriosly improved in the last decade with things like CSS3, media-queries, flexbox, we think that it still is requires too much time to create complex grid layouts with raw technologies browsers provides.”

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The artist who visited ‘Dune’ and ‘the most important science fiction art ever created’

“Frank Herbert said John Schoenherr was “the only man who has ever visited Dune.”

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How to Learn Any Language Fast and Never Forget It | The Blog of Author Tim Ferriss

“Back in 2012, Gabriel Wyner wrote an article for Lifehacker detailing how he learned French in 5 months and Russian in 10, using mostly spare time on the subway.  That article went viral. But don’t run off! That was nothing but version 1.0.  This post gives you version 2.0 and more.”

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